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This book manages to do a few things , on one hand it will scare the Holy $hi+ out of you and probably convince you to never film yet produce a movie in your entire life nor dreams. Yet on the same hand encourages you to be crazy and dedicated enough to produce your film a thousand times over. Ayanna Shon gives a personable perspective of the encounters, obstacles, and growth she’s experienced, which becomes an extremely useful tool in the process.

Yes, you could go out and make your film without reading it, and learn all these lessons the hard way,  but do yourself a favor and learn from the mistakes she made along the way and save yourself the time, trouble and money . This is great for up-and-coming filmmakers as Ayanna Shon tells it like it is and does not sugarcoat reality of which you will most likely endure throughout fighting against everything including Murphy’s Law.

(Pre Order) How I shot my feature film audiobook

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