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Film Director Ayanna Shon, created CBA Film Studios, the creative haven that saves you gas, headaches and time, everything you need under one roof with her filmmakers masterclass. This is a masterclass with you, your business, and your family in mind. Through meaningful storytelling and creative visual content, Ayanna Shon coaches those who aspire to bring their story from pen and paper to their favorite screens. Ayanna Shon designed the masterclass for those who rather invest their time and funds into birthing their projects instead of becoming submerged in student debt.  

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Ayanna Shon, is a multi-hyphenated film director and business owner. Ayanna Shon began her quest in the entertainment industry by interning and soon after developing a career in communications and broadcasting for I Heart Radio. Gaining more wisdom from a theatrical perspective and leadership while being mentored by creative executives as well as her eldest playwright brother. Ayanna studied visual communication and film design becoming a multi-hyphenated content creator while pursuing her career in the music industry as a writer and recording artist. In 2013 Ayanna Shon branded herself as a celebrity photographer working with many national and independent recording artists, actresses and actors . 


Ayanna Shon later discovered her passion behind the scenes just as the love of being on stage. In 2015, Ayanna launched CBA film studios in the historical downtown Birmingham district, a full service production company focused on creating original content while opening the doors as a safe creative haven for content creators to explore and produce podcasts, artists to record their next big record, photographers to capture stunning photographs and actors to film their speed scenes.  Ayanna Shon, began her career in television production as a camera operator. She is now even more focused in inspiring and motivating aspiring filmmakers as the creative director and course coach of the CBA Film Academy where she hosts an intensive training academy in preproduction, production and post production. Currently, Ayanna has three of her own movies releasing this year “The Eye (April 4th), “Blood or Not” and “Just In Time For The Holidays. ” When Ayanna Shon isn’t overseeing production of her own films, she is working on set as a Script Supervisor, Sound Mixer,  DP, Editor and BTS videographer for other productions. 

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